Dr Paul Richmond

Dr Paul Richmond

Research Software Engineer

Industrial Consultancy

I frequently provide industrial consultancy and or participation in collaborative industrial research projects. The options for working with me range from short periods of consultancy, through to industrially funded collaborative research projects and sponsoring of PhD student. Contact me if you would like more information on working with me.


“Paul’s professional and posative attitude towards engaging with our industry problems, and his clearn communication style were immediately helpful to me. As a direct result of Paul’s knowledgeable technical expertise, and his patient clear explanations, we were able to target our development work towards areas that had the greatest improvement potential for our customers.” Dr David Worthington Head of Department, Risk and Reliability Mathematical Modelling DVN.GL

“Dr. Richmond has a long track record of working with NVIDIA. He established The University of Sheffield’s GPU Research Center (formerly CUDA Research Center) in 2011 through his innovative work in accelerating complex systems simulations via his FLAME GPU software. He has since established the GPUComputing@Sheffield group, through which he provides extremely sought after, and highly regarded training and support, for GPU and accelerated computing users. He has presented at our annual conference, The GPU Technology Conference, for the past three consecutive years and is a member of our NDA briefing sessions and GPU Research Center events.” Dr David Luebke NVIDIA Distinguished Inventor & Sr. Director of Research NVIDIA Corporation

“Through my involvement with Dr Richmond in the role of Chief Technical Officer at the TSC (and via previous interactions with Dr Richmond as a Technology Fellow at BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre) I know him to have an exceptional technical knowledge and communicative ability in accelerated computing and visualisation using GPUs. The TSC has commissioned him to provide a public technology demonstration to showcase his talent which was featured prominently at the launch of our multi-million pound Imovation centre. We are currently working with Dr Richmond and his summer student on the development of an updated version of this demonstration which utilises virtual reality (VR) displays and our 3D Omnifinity multi direction treadmill. We expect the demonstration to gain significant industrial impact and will work with Dr Richmond on expanding this capability in the future” Paul Zanelli Chief Technical Officer Transport Systems Catapult

“I have the pleasure to work with Paul for a couple of years in the topic of high performance agent based simulation, more specifically applied to the simulation of pedestrian crowds. This research area is becoming more commonplace during the design stages of buildings and public spaces, and a need for fast decision support tool that could be used to facilitate the after response planning and real-time decision making process following an incident has now emerged”, …, “I give Paul my highest recommendation. He is a very valuable research scientist and a talented speaker. He has uncanny ability to develop innovative solutions to provide flexible approaches to complex systems modelling” Dr Steven Harris University & Collaborative Relationship Manager BAE Systems (Operations) Limited