Dr Paul Richmond

Dr Paul Richmond

Research Software Engineer


Dr Richmond has a research track record in developing software which facilitates the use of emerging parallel computing systems. His considerable background and technical expertise in computer graphics and visual computing, complements the use of parallel accelerators for simulation. He has in-depth knowledge of developing research software for the purpose of creating interactive visualisations of complex systems models, and visualisations for Virtual Reality (VR) applications. He is an advocate of GPU computing for general purpose use.

Dr Richmond is an expert in complex systems simulations. He pioneered the use of GPUs for agent-based simulations publishing highly cited papers highlighting how his software FLAME GPU can be applied to a number of domains, including fields as diverse as computational biology and pedestrian dynamics. His software has high industrial impact and is actively used by the TSC. Aside from his primary interest in complex systems simulations, he applies his GPU programming expertise by collaborating with researchers in diverse fields including; machine learning for biologically inspired neural modelling, and biomedical imaging software (Osteolytica) for lesion damage analysis in degenerative bone cancers.

Dr Richmond’s experience of writing performance-oriented code for visual computing has made him a specialist in code optimisation, and navigating the relationship between software and hardware. His work on the BIMPA project advanced this skill-set by developing his capabilities in low level C programming for embedded devices. The design of a language (DAMSON) for the SpiNNaker architecture necessitates expertise in compilation, runtime emulation debugger development, and development of a hardware runtime system (including a multi-core, multi-threaded environment).

Throughout his experience of a researcher working in software for research computing, Dr Richmond has demonstrated broad knowledge of his technical abilities and expertise, especially relating to performance-oriented programming and visual computing. He has delivered software through consultancy. He also has the Association for Project Management Project Fundamentals qualification.