Dr Paul Richmond

Dr Paul Richmond

Research Software Engineer

Deep Learning, Big Data and Big Compute Camp

Welcome to the NVIDIA Training Sessions of the Deep Learning, Big Data and Big Compute Camp by Dr Paul Richmond. Lecture notes and lab sheets are provided below.

The starting code and solutions for the exercises are hosted on the AcceleratedComputing github site (link). If you have questions regarding the content after the lab then please raise these in the issue tracker with the tag “Question”.


Day 01

Lecture 1 Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2 Lecture 2: Architectures Overview

Day 02

Lecture 3 Lecture 3: Introduction to CUDA

Lecture 4 Lecture 4: Optimisation Approaches

Lecture 5 Lecture 5: Advanced Memory

Hands On Labs

Lab 01 Lab 01: Day 1 Hands on Lab

Lab 02 Lab 02: Day 2 Hands on Lab

Lab 03 Lab 03: Take Away Lab - FLAME GPU