Dr Paul Richmond

Dr Paul Richmond

Research Software Engineer

About the Course

Accelerator architectures are discrete processing units which supplement a base processor with the objective of providing advanced performance at lower energy cost. Performance is gained by a design which favours a high number of parallel compute cores at the expense of imposing significant software challenges. This module looks at accelerated computing from multi-core CPUs to GPU accelerators with many TFlops of theoretical performance. The module will give insight into how to write high performance code with specific emphasis on GPU programming with NVIDIA CUDA GPUs. A key aspect of the module will be understanding what the implications of program code are on the underlying hardware so that it can be optimised.

The modules aims, objectives and assessment details are available on the modules public teaching page.

Teaching 2019

During Spring semester of 2019 I will be on shared parental leave. As a result Mozhgan Kabiri-Chimeh is teaching the Com4521 and Com6521 modules for this year.

Content for the previous years are available below.